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 offers a platform for both advertisers and publishers to advertise or monetize WordPress websites and blogs. A unique and easy to use system offering freedom of choice for advertisers and high revenue sharing for publishers.

WordPress is the most popular CMS running on millions of websites. Our system makes it easy for publishers to monetize their unused ad space and for advertisers to choose which WordPress site to place ads on.







For publishers it is easy to start, register, add your website to our system, create ad spaces, download our WordPress plugin and add ad spaces via a widget. You also choose your own prices and plans. Choose how much you want to charge per click, impression or per day. Your site visitors can purchase ads directly from your ad space. You are paid on a net 30-day basis once your account reaches the low threshold of $10. Payments are made via Paypal each month. We offer a generous 80% revenue share on any ads purchased through your ad spaces. Your website is also added to our directory where potential advertisers may choose to place ads on your website from our directory.


Browse through our directory of websites and choose sites where you want to place your ads. Create your adverts and choose cost per click, cost per impression or cost per day. Each website has its own prices and plans. Choose a niche that suits your business best and gets highly targeted traffic to your website. Our anti-fraud system records IP addresses of every visitor to prevent click fraud. Access your admin panel to view traffic and visitor stats in real time, including visitor IP and browser. You can pay to advertise on any website in our directory securely through Paypal or Stripe.


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